cheeky ear poke

the perfect-my little pony-princess

i really admire people pink hair, i could never go that far but i think it looks amazing on certain girls
and the person to blame for this new pink haired revolution? Audrey Kitching, however i think she looks more hoe-ish than class, and this is pretty tragic...
However Lily looks amazing bubblegum pink, and Kate oozes sexuality as this pink bombshell

ohhhhh my new years was fantastic, although i have cuts, burns and bruises all over my body.... i had the best new years i think i ever have had! i may have ruined my dress a tincy bit and made a complete fool out of myself at times but i spent it with the people i love (minus one), saw a few old faces and made a few friends. Although i drunk tooooo much champers and spent most of the night dancing like a lunatic or lying in a bush face down.. haha amazing, i wish i could go back and do it all again!

love & other drugs

i shed some tears, i smiled a lot and afterwards i wondered what it would be like to have parkinsons at the age of 26.
the degenerative disease that many people have to live with day in, day out, restraining people from looking after themselves fully. the thought of having it at such a young age, scared me to say the least! i hope one day there will be a cure for this
on a lighter note, Anne Hathaway has a crackin pair of tits on her! and a lovely smile to go with it, and Jake Gyllenhaal.... don't even get me started