i fucking hate goth sluts.

girls who are constantly adding tom, it really just gets on my tits- they can see that he has a girlfriend yet they insist on adding. you know whats even worse, the fact that he accepts. this is such a bitchy rant, i wont care about this tomorrow but today it is my major hate!
anyway moving on to other exciting things, had sara's 18th on saturday! we went go-karting, i was absolutely awful but kinda built up a game plan towards the end- 'if i cant win, no one can!' so literally i just cut everyone up instead, it was pretty hilarious and sara and james managed to get some pretty hilarious photos of my crashing into peopleeee.

not gonna go to revs tonight! i decided to save my money. go me.

!woof woof!

i drew this for my friend adam, he's obsessed with his doggy and asked me to draw a picture of it for him, he's out in malia at the moment which is where im heading during summer so hopefully he'll buy me lots of drinks to say thank you :)


regatta 2010

i woke up yesterday morning with the biggest headache, and the worst mood. gee came round at ten so i was forced to roll outa bed, we both lounged around for ages refusing to get ready, we were both dreading the day to come- got to izzys for 12 for her pre drinks, still feeling awful. however my mood brightened when i saw everyone; liz, boydy, vic, bex, abby, emi, roro, hannah, and many other friendly faces. so we all started on the pimms.
By the time the taxi arrived everyone was pretty much gone, in terms of soberness and general awareness. After we arrived everything just seems a blur... i can't even remember stepping out of the taxi. I haven't been so drunk in ages, so it came as a surprise to me that i was sick behind a bin in the enclosure. (what a disgrace)

HOWEVER.. i did manage to get in some nice photographs before vomming all over the place --->

every time i see these guys we have an amazing time, i miss you so much!

to nap or not to nap?

just found this photograph, i absolutely love good photography of children and this one is especially nice

going to a barbecue at kathryns in a bit, i hope it doesn't rain




i want.

all my dreams would come true if i had this beauty

situation ethics and postmodernism is killing me softly.

just found this and absolutelyyy lav

3 days left until 'the big day' im hating revision and have resorted to watching re-runs of friends all daaaaaay looong. currently watching the episode where phoebe first meets mike! cant believe its no longer gonna be on E4 after this year :( might just have to buy the entire series boxset... hmmm thats something to think about.
went to see a car in fulham, it was a pure beaut however i did an AA check on it and turns out the nice yorkshire man who seems genuine and trustworthy was tryna sell me a dodgy ride, turns out the girl who had it beforehand had backed into a wall and completely wrecked the lefthand hand side of it. i am soooo tired of this car search, seems like every deal we find is a bad one ! i just want a nice black second hand car preferably a ford fiesta/peugot 206 to fulfil my girly needss

current obsessions

i'd be very lost without my tomtom. :)

molly is a constant obsession, this will never change. im squidging her as im writingh tjhis , its very difficulyt to type with 1 hand..

second post of the day ! this is becoming a bit of a habit

loving this toooone at the mo, the english essay was a FAIL by the way.

I talk to God but the sky is empty.

I'm currently sitting on my bed with molly, attempting to write. it's not going very well.
When told to compare a piece of text to a drama, prose, and poetry piece all i can think to write is something completely off topic, still relating to whatever i'm supposed to be writing about... just in some obscure way that is in no relation to the title. I wish i was sitting next to Sylvia Plath rather than my chubby cat, oh what a great help !

...........hmmmmm blackberries