i wish i could be the model student, it really honestly baffles me when people say they have been revising since EASTER. i just don't understand it? Do these people not have lives? How do they have the concentration span? I think i will always be one of those people who just wings it, i work pretty good under pressure i think
Today was an extremely average day, I woke up watched 4od in bed for about an hour then romed around my house pretending to revise but really just stroking a cat and eating a bacon sandwich... then we went to view a house which was surprisingly someone who i knew! That was odd, the prospect of potentially living in the home of someone i know... sleeping in their room, and cooking in their kitchen, it was all just too strange. Anyway, me and my dad drove around the area for a while to get a sense of it all, roof down-standard. Then we went to the gym, i did about 30 laps which i know is pretty pathetic but for someone who does little to no exercise and when i do it is sporadic, i was fairly pleased with this achievement! And i wasn't even dying too much after. After that we came home, i did no revision and i honestly don't know where the rest of the day has gone? I can't wait to get back to work, this week has been a complete write off so far.

I've been thinking very philosophically at the moment, everything feels like it's all happening at once- uni, summer, being single, work, friends, moving house. Everything feels like its all being thrown at me at once, I have recently decided that being single isn't all that it's cracked up to be, i do think i am generally a better person when i'm by myself; i'm skinnier, more determined, see my friends more, get my worked done etc etc... but there is always that feeling of impending loneliness at the end of each day, don't want to sound depressing or anything but it's true! I am just so so excited about going to university, i know i keep going on and on about it but i'm literally SO excited to leave bucks, to meet a new gang of people and just have fun andddd as nerdy as it sounds, i'm really excited to crack on with my course, wherever i end up!
hopefully the ridiculousness of made in chelsea will lift my mood

im crying petals
i guess you can never trust a person fully until you know what they are capable of, things aren't so chipper at the moment, i keep trying to focus entirely on exams but things keep popping into my head again. break-ups are hard, i've been told- but this is beyond.

just spent the majority of my day putting up my work for the art show in a couple weeks time, its weird i thought i hadn't done much at all but when it's all put together it really does accumulate to quite a bit,
heres a few snaps of what it looks like at the mooo (only art not photography)
working tonight hopefully this will keep my mind off things!

this is my husband he is fit
these days everyone is dip dying, i love it so muchhh i hope one day everyone will be ombre'd !
my sister went a bit crazy and decided to do hers pink..

i think it looks sick but she's not too sure... guess it is gonna be a pain in the arse to dress with
just had the craziest weekend/5 days of my life. Bournemouth is so good, 5 days straight of drinking and staying out till the sun comes up and i dnt even feel awful. all i want is to go out again and againnnnnn AH I CANT WAIT FOR UNIIII
after this week i'm gonna have to start living like a tramp, bank account empty.. no money to go out or do anything with my life! except revision..... the thing i have been putting off for the past month or so ! i just wanna summer so so so bad now
i was really not pleased with the way my art exam came out, i hated the paintings and i think i coulda done a hell of a lot better to be honest, but im just sooo glad that its over and i never have to do it again. it's sad that i'm saying this, arts always been such a big part of my life but doing it at a level has put me off enormously, but anyway here's one of the three paintings i did in my exam
hope you like more than i do!

went for a big shop the other day, i was definitely in need of some retail therapy so i thought i'd treat myself to some fancies. i banned myself from going into tophop. im currently on a topshop/expensive shops diet so i only went into new look and primark and boy did i find some goodies!

primark 6 quid

new look 16 quid!


i love my new hair, the only thing i wanna change is the ginge cause at the moment there's about a hundred different colours in my hair and im still very reddy but ah well! gotta love the ombre

i didnt think these would come out this good but i am ver ver pleased!
today i went to school. i was proud, both lessons English & Photog, and both i think were fairly successful on my part, i think i need a distraction at the moment, i'm gonna bury myself in work and not let anything get in the way
im starting to think getting 3 A's is gonna be pretty unachievable if i carry on like this
the shit just hit the fan.