the one thing i HATE about summer is the insects, they i just drawn to me i swear
i really need to stop wearing my ratty extensions, they are so gross. ended up jumping in a swimming pool drunk last night (after my leavers ball of course....classy) and when i got out these little rat tails were just hanging down my back, sodden and horrid, bare in mind this is the second time this has happened at a claires court event, will i ever learn! They were such a nightmare to de-not this morning too, i think i might just throw them out
its official, i have seen every tom hanks film ever created.
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

so this has really annoyed me, yeh for one its fucking weird as he is so much older and its obviously because blake fell for him in titanic and ever since has wondered what it would be like to have 'jack' if im honest i am completely jealous, she is gorge but he is too amazing

not a very good photo, but i love this sketch. its a copy of a drawing my jenny mortsell, the swedish illustrator (love her stuff) and i did it about a year ago but i think its one of my favs still to this day !
there's no status that will suffice, it will be sheer dumb luck if i don't get an ungraded in that exam.
"The cup of life was poisoned forever, and although the sun shone upon [him], as upon the happy and gay of heart, [he] saw around [him] nothing but a dense and frightful darkness, penetrated by no light but the glimmer of two eyes that glared upon [him]." Chapter 21, pg. 166 Frankenstein
so, exam tomorrow and art show, gonna be a nightmare of a day. can't wait to just go crazy once its all over and done with!

so happy with how this turned out, the littlest amount of photoshop and it looks quite pro-ish. so glad i will never have to deal with photoshop ever again now! photography is so much better without it.
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. - John Keats

new fav

i have been watching a lot of this recently, too much probably

out with the old and in with the new

I bought a pair of shoes the other day and this may sound sad but they've really cheered me up, a good pair of heels can make you look so nice and it was really what i needed, and they weren't expensive either which is a plus.

Apart from revision and the usual antics life is pretty mundane at the moment, i am enjoying being by myself and being able to do whatever i want for once, however this study leave has been the most pointless thing ever, i have tried to revise but collectively i have probably only done about 5 days all together in the period of a month- i'm shitting bricks now, my exams in a weeks time and i need to get a high A to get into my first choice, i know everything happens for a reason but right now i really need to pull my socks up which i'm finding impossible... went out last night and the night before that, i feel bad but i just get so bored being cooped up in a house alone all the time...i can not wait to go to uni, meet loads of fun new people and just have the time of my life!

AND in less then a months time i will be chillin by a pool in Ayia Napa sippin margherita's and lovin life

i was inspired to do this shoot by the idea of fairytales, this in particular stems from the tale of 'the swan princess', but with a sinister edge. im really proud of this one actually ! hope you liiiike
i'm gonna start drawing again, i can't remember the last time i drew a picture i was really proud of, probably twiggy? or jack nicholson- i can't remember. This year has sucked the whole fun out of drawing, nothing is spontaneous anymore and i hate it

-------watch this space-------
why do cats love to sit on paper so much?
cracking on with my revision now, not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! they're all gonna hate me cause i'm still such a spastic with everything even after a month ahhhhhhh, last time i was working i over charged a guy for a bag of peanuts and he screamed in my face and i nearly cried.
went to winkers last night, so much for the 'promising to not go out until after exams', it was a pretty pointless trip but i didn't spend any money and i got a free peroni glass out of it. ohhh my dad will be so pleased!