i cant wait for summer, the denim jackets are comin out and things are gonna change. fingers crossed i dont fuck up my exams and this time next year i will be in birmingham ! i cannot wait. On another note, the last two weekends have been the best by far for some time, havent been so drunk like that in a loooong time!
im looking forward to more nights like this to come.
I've also decided to go on a diet, i'm not obese but im definitely needing to shed a few pounds, i always feel more comfortably with myself when im a lil bit thinner, not like nicole richie thinner but ya know what i mean.
my aim is to get back to a size 8 before summer! i am gonna try my hardest to make this wish come truuue.

things that have made my day

i'm currently doing my exam work for both art and photography, the title is exploration and discovery.. which isn't too bad, better than last years at least! anyway im gonna do exploration of the mind, in terms of dreams...nightmares... that sort of thing
and who better to look at than Tim Walker, love him!

love this

zacharia johnsen