i'm working so much at the moment, i feel like my feet might drop off. i can't wait to have a three day break and go down to btown, so excitedddddddddd
foam parties are ze juan
i have a black eye.
got a gym membership today, wahoo!

ellen von unwerth

my copy of some mcqeeny shoesies, its not very good but i am obsessed with his shoes at the moment so thought i'd give it a go!

alexander mcqueen designs (L)

some photos the talented photography Phillip Maynard took of me

oh god, i really ought to start this painting tomorrow. i've been putting it off for weeks and at this rate if its not done in the next few days i can cut that customer/80 quid goodbyeeee. tomorrow is the day, im gonna do it, im gonna do it.
dad- "when you have a cough like that you really ought to stop smoking."
cath- "a cough like what? and what are you talking about, i don't smoke"
dad- "catherine i can see your cigarettes on the table."