if i could marry my cat i would

i painting a did of my friend bex for her 19th bday, its not a very good quality photo as its just off ma phone but ah well !

this both turns me on and inspires me in every shape and form

conrad roset

i've been working so much at the moment i feel like part of the furniture there, and i've just moved house too so the distance is quite a bit longer than before, but im coping okay. getting my results on thursday and i'm shitting bricks. i guess there's not much i can do about it now but it's stressing me out so so much, i just know that its going to be disappointing and i'm dreading being around people who actually have done really well when i have probably failed and will end up working in a fucking pub for the rest of my life- i could cry.
haaaaa but yeh apart from the impending doom of my results, life is pretty good- I'm sleeping a little bit better now which is a major plus as my insomniac has been pretty bad at the moment. I've also just booked a holiday for me, my dad and my sister to go to tenerife in a couple of weeks so i am very exciting about that. last minute dot come is da one! considering it's going to be our last family holiday of just us, i'm going to make it very worth while

.jewel heritage.

'One for sorrow, two for mirth, three's a wedding, four's a birth, five is Heaven, six is Hell, seven is the Devil himself'.

The crow was once revered as the messenger of the 'Gods' held in high regard for its stealth and intelligence amongst people and other creatures. The crow is now seen as an ominous sign of disaster and death and one that should be avoided unless of course you utter the many nursery rhythms that accompany the omen that is the crow.

yeh i copied and pasted that from the website but it is kinda intriguing.
if i was getting paid 10 quid an hour instead of a mere 6 i would definitely invest but a ring for 40 quid is a bit ridiculous, one can only wish.
...absolutely obsessed with b&w photography at the moment, just discovered robert frank after looking into robert doisneau photog and absolutely love his stuff, its so gritty and evocative, reminds me a little bit of Brandt but more realistic. I'm not normally a fan of landscape photography, i just generally find portraiture much more fascinating but his stuff is so cool

here's a few of me faves ;

your only as good as your last accomplishment
btown never happened but i have had a bangin weekend either way, had to clear out half of my wardrobe the other day due to the move...and i must say there was some real crap in there. what was i thinking! i found a pair of tartan trousers...yes tartan and a sequin long cardigan, like full sequin right to the ankle area and i remember getting it along with loads of free shit from my work experience at ASOS and thinking what a jazzy bitch i was and now im thinking that it is only exceptable in photo shoots soooo although it is pretty garish i have decided to keep it as to be fair it is pretty fabulous even if i will probably never wear it. Here's photograph Rebecca Settle took of me wearing the sequin numberr..

recent obsession- dakota fanning