new obsession, Patricia Ariel
not only her name is awesome, but her work is pretty incredible too:

i find this picture looks a lot like a girl i know called beau? its weird but whenever i look at it i just see her!
it's so magical outside, the snow is falling heavily now and i was supposed to be goin to the gym with gee today, i'm gonna attempt the roads anyway once its ceased a bit, and if my car actually starts... shit.
but this is so good! apparently we will be having a white christmas. yaaaaaay!
everyones complaining about not being able to get to work and other places but come onnn its soo amazing outside!
i am quite content staying snug as a bug in a rug whilst watching the snow fall outside, with my squidge by my side... watching peep show


still no news from ucas... its been a week now and still nothing, im getting nervous. and i've only just realised that there's only 40 YES 40 places at birmingham for my course which pretty much means i am F U C K E D

these are also beauties
i love Joseph Cornell's work, it so intricately done and so beautifully presented
composition ideas for personal study

see the thing is, even with practice and help from others i am still soooo shit at photoshop, it is just too much to take in. and i'll only ever use it if i absolutely have to
so ima try find a way around it....

so taking that into account i've looked at sarah finellis work for inspiration and am looooovin

dogs eatin shooz

i've got my interview at the white hart tomorrow! im a nervous wreck, i have no idea what to say other than that i've never properly waitressed in my life.... but go ahead and hire me!
oh well, i'm just gonna hope for the best, whatever is meant to be will be.

i've sent my ucas off now as well, so all i have to do now is ensure i get those 3 A's.... otherwise i am fucked!
so good times all round, im off to do more workkkkk.

Here's a little something i found today that made me smile:

me in 40 years time

i hope

hello cheeky monkey, i want one!

i've had a huge craving for ice cream lately and this photo has just tipped me over the edge.... i need some haagen dazs!
the impending doom christmas.

okay yeh it is the best time of the year, but also THE most expensive, as much as i'd like to buy all my bessies dior shadow palets again i think i'm gonna have to sacrifice that for a box of chocolates this year, sorry guys.
and the other problem is the boyfriend, what do boys even like?! i can't afford anything from all saints, his fav shop and what i've bought already is good but not enough. As selfish as it sounds christmas for me is just about me, getting tonnes of new make up/clothes/gadgets AND the alcohol, and this year isn't gonna be any different, yeh yeh yeh i love time i spend with my family and friends but i want presents!!!!!

as you can see i am dyyyyying for a kitten, which i know will never happen but still it would be the ultimate best present ever on christmas day! charles and moll and gettin on now and although they're still psychos they just aren't as playful any more. And molly just gets more and more timid as time goes on, she literally lives under my bed these days and only ventures down stairs for an appropriate tinkle and some whiskers, usually sporting a terrified look on her little face as if she's just put her paws in whiskers jar and got caught, gawwwwwwd sometimes i wish i had a bloody dog.

all of them please
i think its safe to say i am stuck in a rutt.
lately i haven't been able to find the words but i'm feeling more relaxed now i've decided what course i'm doing next year, well pretty much decided... but ya never know, things might change !
i'm scared for the impending pressure i must endure over these next few months to get the grades, hopefully i'll do it. If not i am fuckeeeeeeed.

maybe i over estimate myself, as opposed to all my teachers who underestimate me, when i got my grades last year my form teacher actually cried with happiness.. pretty weird as i didn't know her very well then at all and hardly ever saw her due to my awful amount of absences, but it was nice to see her genuinely happy for me. I guess i'm gonna have to get ma noggin down ! and work my arse off

anyway enough about that, i gave my cv into the white hart a few days ago and they said they weren't hiring... however they left me a voicemail, god knows when, and me, being shit with my phone n all didn't pick it up until today, i am such a dumb bitch! anyway i called them back and asked for sherry, and they said they'd call back half an hour later....... 2 hours later, and still waiting.
wooooow i do seem to mess things up for myself a lot. should i call back? i don't wanna seem to desperate but then i don't wanna leave it either..... i'm gonna call. there's no harm in trying i guess. fingers crossed

one of my favourite actresses, julianne moore.

brain storm, for photography project ideas! im thinking film noir

pva ideas

film noir, femme fatale, animation
brain storm:

the course of true love never did run smooth

the cutest charm ever made

Vera Wang has selected the face of her next fragrance and it’s none other than Leighton Meester! What’s more, Page Six reports that the actress will shoot the ad campaign with photographer Carter Smith this weekend in Manhattan and be making a very sweet $3 million dollars for the two-year contract!
Leighton’s ads for Wang’s as-of-yet-unnamed fragrance will launch in magazines next spring, with the fragrance available in department stores next summer. IM BUYING

film noir

vanity is probably the ugliest characteristic for a person to hold. but you must admit, this lipstick is bangin


i'm seeing this bad boy tomorrow and actually cannot wait- this is gonna be by far the best one so far i reckon. bit disappointed that this is the penultimate one but its gotta finish at some point i guess. and i can't think of a group of people to see it with than these freak of natures...

and yes as per norm, we will be dressing for the occasion... scars and all

a picture for my photography, on how black and white photography is a choice and no longer the only option
just watched some serious gossip girl drama and really want to try macaroons?
apparently they are an aphrodisiac and are also moist, sweet and often dipped in chocolate

they just look so yummyy !

anyway, i had forgotten how much i love this programme for the sheer brilliance mixed with the ridiculous nature of each character, i want blairs life soooo bad and i want chuck bass an equal amount.

eurrghhhhh why are they so good, breaks my heart to know that he's actually with vanessa in real life,


my model cat, charles de farles

aint he handsome ??!