i took some pictars of eyez

so i'm back from Barcelona, and to be honest it wasn't all that bad. I guess all that procrastination was for nothing, i made a fair few new buddies and i learnt a lot about how to present myself around my art teachers from now on... to completely brown nose them and lick their arses. so lesson learnt there i guess!
Also it's Gee's 18th birthday today, 2 down, 1 to go. i'm jealous ! because although i have the option of having an id (be it fake) it isn't really the same and i am the left one out now ! sad times, however liz is still underage also if she is even still alive ?!?!
i'm very annoyed with the status of my sky plus, as i was away for a total of five days (one of which being away with the fairies whilst suffering from a migrain) i was expecting that when i returned to my couch and tv that i'd have all sorts of goodies lined up for me... sadly i was mistaken

no xfactor
no gossip girl
no america's next top model
no come dine with moi

all i wanted to do was get on the sofa with tom and molly and watch my favs for hours on end, sippin some wine and ordering a dominoes/chinese. none of which happened! however gee and bex did come over for the day and that was divine to say the least...
whenever i don't see them for a few days i get so lethargic... i begin to realise how unnatural it is for us to be this close and how much i love that we are, i think i can say they are like sisters rather than bessies

anyway, moving on- tonight i have no idea what the plan is but i think i shall be meeting Gee's new beau! I am very excited about this encounter

what's more! im heading down to south hampton tomorrow night with mario and holly for bens birthday which means i can also see james! yaaaaaaaaay

i'm back on top


i'm so sick of my art teacher, i do the work she sets me if not more than that and i miss a few lessons of school for personal reasons.. still get the work done and i manage to get a letter home still. i mean to go to the trouble of actually print screening my attendance records for the past 3 weeks and building up a conspiracy theory that i for some reason hate wednesdays when i have the same lessons every day of the week is ridiculous. sometimes i dont know why i even bother, i mean maybe i am being paranoid but i swear this woman has a personal vendetta against me, i don't wanna whinge and say oooooh everybody's out to get me but she definitely for some reason dislikes me, and its starting to really get to me. even my dads turning against me now because of this woman, i can honestly say that even if i had a 100 % attendance record and my work could not get any better she would still find a reason to hate me.
and if she insists on wearing that moronic spotty hat on the next art trip i swear to god i will have to say something this time

i am dreading it so much. can't wait to see her face when i tell her a can't come to london wednesday because i am visiting a university, no doubt she'll call my dad to check and mention the wednesday conspiracy theory once again. whoops.
so proud of my lil schnuk today getting through to the aveda competition :)
well done tomo!

pictures i took of bexxxie lexxxie for pva/art

schmooookin hawt

i'm gonna do some photos in the style of these two, with me and tom i reckon, watch this spaaaace

going to see manchester met this wednesday comin, so excited but dreading the drive, dunno if its where i'll end up but i do love the sound of it

Today was a sad day, I began to think about pepsi again, my 21 year old cat that passed away a couple months ago, i do miss her terrible meow and the sound of her over grown claws sliding around the house, she was nearly completely death and partially blind, riddled with arthritus so it was her time to go, but i have to say it is like losing a family member! she's older than me for one thing, i've had her around my whole life and it is sad to never be able to see her again, that might sound really silly but i don't care...
xxx Rest in peace peps xxx

if i had blonde hair.. and guts i would go this colour, it looks so good.

i can't deal with everything thats going on at the moment, i just can't keep up
as soon as i take a break from the routine i can't get back, it's not the work load thats killing me, its the amount of things i have to get done that i keep forgettin about:
-paying for art trip
-finish and adapt personal statement
-organise gee's 18th
-organise MY 18th
-decide where i wanna end up next year and what i'm actually going to do with my life ?!?!

and so many other things that yes, i have forgotten once again! ahhhhh i need to get out of this rut.

i like this


all this art is killing me, i've been doing it on and off all day and the result is only 3 pages of workkkk
kill me now.

also im thinking about going back to basics and dying my hair brunette, something like this
but this could get boring?