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love is blind.

tonights the night

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i think i've forgotten how to paint? scratch that, i think i have forgotten how to be creative in every aspect possible- haven't taken a photo or drawn a picture in what feels like months and the longer it becomes the more i don't want to do it. i blame Chalfont for distinguishing every ounce of creativity and spontaneity out of me and for that i hate them all. i miss the days where i would draw every day without even a thought of it being boring or compulsory and those were the times where the best of my art would come out, i know its summer and im meant to be stress-free and loving life but i just can't help but constantly procrastinate about grades and what school im actually going to in september! if i get back in then i'll just end up going back, its the easier option but if not due to my huge amount of absences over the past year then i am truly fucked. ahhhhhhhh well, im jetting off to crete in two weeks so finally my summer will begin

anyway im off to go for a swim with gina ma tinaaa

speak of the devil !

ideas for fancy dress theme, anything beginning with the beginning letter of your name: cruella de vil
now all i have to do is skin a puppy and find some tweed. perfect..

watched toy story today and thoroughly enjoyed it, actually nearly cried towards the end when they all think they're going to be burnt to death, i'd waited 11 years for this film to come out and i was not disappointed ! everyone should go see it because its amazing and can't be critiqued in any way

'keep it in the fam'

big c

ooooh mama

shoe porn

me and squem ;)

feeel like utter shit now, charlas was fun but i was a mess! i don't know what it is about that groups parties, i never get that drunk anywhere else but whenever i'm around them i seem to make a complete mess of myself! anywhooooo when we got back last night, we were still pretty crunky and decided it was a good plan to watch the lizzie mcguire movie and cook some fish fingers. long story short liz fell asleep and this is what happened

meet, avatar liz

something i drew a few months ago but am still quite proud of

i love the twigsta

so sexeh

there's something about photographs of good looking girls smoking that really catches my eye, perhaps its the fact that it makes me crave smoking or the mass of smoke that seeps through their mouths, alluring, provocative yet villainous.

currently listening to my dad having a full-on conversation with my cat...

watched gangs of new york with my dad last night, love that film so muchh! very upset that i missed practically half of the leonardo season on film 4 though. today i must take my mum shopping to be a good daughter and a good citizen, i suspect that this is her way of getting a free lift- or to blackmail me into living with her (as she knows clothes are my strongest weakness), however i can't deny that i need new clothes for holiday/summer. i told my dad i'd hand out a few cv's today but i really cant be arseeeeeed, so instead i will shop then party. tonight im going to charlas birthday shindig, no idea what to wear- im thinking maxi and gladiators, but that is so predictable.

a favourite of hedi slimane


any animal that doesn't like belly rubs is weird

this would be an ideal profession

i've missed england so much!

im finally home from the holiday from hell week in spain- don't get me wrong the weather was lovely and so were the people but the accommodation, well thats another story by itself. there were ants hot electricity for the first two days and the four of us (james em sara and me) got the smallest apartment apposed to rosie and mikey who got 3 double bedrooms to themselves? now wheres the sense in that! oh and the holiday representative who was supposed to look after us was a complete and utter bitch and looked like that prick from americas next top model cycle five.. brandy? (gap toothed bitch) haha. for some reason i had it in my head that this was supposed to be a clubby friends holiday, goin out every night- being hungover all day, lounging around in the sun.... but it was the complete opposite. everyone just got angry at each other, me included. although the photos taken of the holiday present it as a carefree fun experience, it was quite the opposite. one night we were going to Durquesa because it was apparently the best place to be, we got there at around midnight expecting clubs and bars full of people our age, but there was still little kids running around everywhere and families everywhere we turned. we ended up wasting even more money getting yet another taxi to a place called este pona, expecting a better nightlife and less drama. much to our surprise there was a huge fairground there instead! no alcohol, no fitties for emily to pounce on.. just spanish families running amok, i was very disappointed. the pre lash was a lot more fun than the actual event !

i'm just glad i'm home with my cats and tom and my silver bullet :)

two posts a day keeps the doctor away !

im starting to hate school. today almost every teacher in the art department came up to me at different points of the day just to have a go at me for:
1. not wanting to pay 490 quid to go to Barcelona for FOUR DAYS!
2. maybe changing schools
3. bunking
4. not buying a ruddy sketchbook yet

if they were free like every other book in the school then this wouldn't be an issue would it!!!
oh well, at least i have my passport sorted now so i can jet off to spain on monday for a week, but for certain when i get back i will be hated to the maximum amount, hurray!

p.s. i miss gee liz and bex :'(

and generally last year!

if you like...

crime books or stories about sexual violence....

honestly one of the best books i've read in a while. normally i hate this sort of thing due to the plots being far too far-fetched or the lack of empirical evidence thats gone into making the book, but behold- this book is the autobiography of Paul Britton, one of the foremost offender profilers in the world. What he searches for at the scene of a crime are not fingerprints, fibres or blood stains, he looks for the "mind trace" left behind by those responsible, the psychological characteristics that can help the police to identify and understand the nature of the perpetrator. And check this out!- this guy has helped in over 100 cases over Britain. You've probably heard of most of them.... the frederick west case, the one where him and his freakish wife killed over 15 young women including their own children! and the rachel nickell case, the one where she got stabbed 49 times on wimbledon common, in broad daylight, infront of her son.

im not tryna promote this book in any way but it certainly helped to open my eyes and look at the world in a more realistic way... just dont read it before you go to bed otherwise you won't be able to sleep for a while !