i've missed england so much!

im finally home from the holiday from hell week in spain- don't get me wrong the weather was lovely and so were the people but the accommodation, well thats another story by itself. there were ants everywhere...no hot water...no electricity for the first two days and the four of us (james em sara and me) got the smallest apartment apposed to rosie and mikey who got 3 double bedrooms to themselves? now wheres the sense in that! oh and the holiday representative who was supposed to look after us was a complete and utter bitch and looked like that prick from americas next top model cycle five.. brandy? (gap toothed bitch) haha. for some reason i had it in my head that this was supposed to be a clubby friends holiday, goin out every night- being hungover all day, lounging around in the sun.... but it was the complete opposite. everyone just got angry at each other, me included. although the photos taken of the holiday present it as a carefree fun experience, it was quite the opposite. one night we were going to Durquesa because it was apparently the best place to be, we got there at around midnight expecting clubs and bars full of people our age, but there was still little kids running around everywhere and families everywhere we turned. we ended up wasting even more money getting yet another taxi to a place called este pona, expecting a better nightlife and less drama. much to our surprise there was a huge fairground there instead! no alcohol, no fitties for emily to pounce on.. just spanish families running amok, i was very disappointed. the pre lash was a lot more fun than the actual event !

i'm just glad i'm home with my cats and tom and my silver bullet :)

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  1. hahah! 'no fitties for emily to pounce on' so true!

    this is a very good summery of the holiday!