i think i've forgotten how to paint? scratch that, i think i have forgotten how to be creative in every aspect possible- haven't taken a photo or drawn a picture in what feels like months and the longer it becomes the more i don't want to do it. i blame Chalfont for distinguishing every ounce of creativity and spontaneity out of me and for that i hate them all. i miss the days where i would draw every day without even a thought of it being boring or compulsory and those were the times where the best of my art would come out, i know its summer and im meant to be stress-free and loving life but i just can't help but constantly procrastinate about grades and what school im actually going to in september! if i get back in then i'll just end up going back, its the easier option but if not due to my huge amount of absences over the past year then i am truly fucked. ahhhhhhhh well, im jetting off to crete in two weeks so finally my summer will begin

anyway im off to go for a swim with gina ma tinaaa

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