a moment of weakness.

im back on track now, i've recently become OBSESSED with leighton meester, e.g the character of blair waldorf on the amazing hit show gossip girl, you probably knew exactly who she was anyway but whatever...

blair and serena go to paris to paris

Serena in an Emilio Pucci gold blazer, Joie tank, Tibi blue capris, Brian Atwood studded heels, those blue trousers are incred

i've also fallen very very much in love with the outfits and beautiful dresses on this season in particular, i do love serena's style but blair really hits the spot for me..

Blair in an Oscar de La Renta gown, Roger Vivier clutch, Harry Winston necklace and Christian Louboutin bow sandals (wow.)

i think this has inspired to search for a dress like this, only mini and a lot less expensive, something flamboyantly red and chiffon-y, i just love this rose red at the moment, maybe its because we're coming up to winter and red really is the wintery colour to wear but i just want to do a shoot inspired 'red' now, not the typical black and white photo with a red rose photoshopped in but something more.... 'american beauty-esque'

p.s. i love this also

maybe i'm just being paranoid, as i normally am but i think we have a stalker in our midst...

this has happened to me before where for a split second the seed has been planted in my head, i discuss my allegations with someone who is seeing the same thing happen and before i know it, one thing has led to another and i begin to see that someone is trying to look like me/act like me/be me- so on and so forfe, but maybe im not being paranoid? how do you know, how do you split the original from the stolen, how can you pick which parts of a persons individuality are really truly individual at all; perhaps i'm wrong in saying this but maybe that person as to which i think is stealing my identity isn't maliciously or even knowingly taking it from me, maybe they see something they like in a person and subconsciously adapt it to their own style and personality, be it a blonde fur coat.... or ginger hair, when someone who has never been original or even slightly eccentric one day wakes up and changes everything about themselves. i'm not being cocky and i'm not being self centred (i do believe) but i am pointing out the obvious, that this is bizarre.
i really don't like it, some might take it as a complement but i just take it as an insult really, the audacity of that person, to think they could get away with something so blatant unnoticed just pisses me off.
if she does one more thing to lead my suspicions on something must be done.
bit annoying really, when people copy you.
just did a shoot with bex and gee, for my art project on portraitureee, although they're unedited yet i love this one of bex

she's such a cool dork.

ello kittay

creature comforts; this comforts me. haha

oooo lalalalaaah


i like this very much, i may just have to give it a go- watch this space

My good friend vix is 18 tomorrow, and it utterly astonishes me how quickly she's grown up, she's been one of my besties since 14 and now she's all grown up, it was weird enough to whitness her zooming around for the first time in her jazzy black corsa but this has to be even weirder. she's throwing a big party and i can't wait to see everyone, i always feel lethargic when i see all my old friends, brings a tear to my eye to think what good friends i had there, and how i've gone from being surrounded by loved ones to somewhere where people are either scared to talk to me or are too prejudice to even consider it, so tomorrow night will be lovely and i can't wait to get down and grooovy with my besties

i'm so excited to spend it with her though! spent all day today searching for the right thing to get her and i've finally settled on something that i think she'll love and get a lotta use out of, may whack in a bottle of champers as well though- just in case ;)

....tonight i'm staying in with the boyf, having a chilled movie/drinking wine/rubbing molly/smoking a naughty spliff and later probably being complete weirdos- night in. im lookin forward to it!
tomorrow im driving me and my mama up to westfields to get some 'appropriate' clothes for school.... e.g this.....

haaaaaaaaa YES

welcome to the tea party

jenny mortsell : my new fav

micro PIGS?! really...
today has i've finally gotten back into the right mindset to work. i've done more in this one day than my entire summer, no joke, i've done 5 sketchbook pages...written an essay on how jealousy is presented in shakespeare's othello, i've begun to write my personal statement anddddd i cooked myself a very nice chicken wrapped in bacon/ jacket potato ensemble that was delish. now.
to do list.

1. give in my passport number tomorrow so that i can actually go on this shitting art trip thats going to be horrendously awful and so boring, stuck with 5 overly enthusiastic art teachers for 4 days... the total cost coming to just under 500 pounds... for four days... i want to slit my wrists just thinking about it. the last one was shit but funny because i actually had friends last year who've now all swanned off to university. but this ones just going to be horrid :'(

2. apply for an art foundation at bucks asap

3. fix my ipod speakers that have mysteriously broken after rachaels crazy partaaaaay last week- cheers sis.

4. sort out stuff for car boot

5. and last but not least, write my personal statement!!!!!!!


such a gem

i want this car so much, and the more i see it around i want to cry. someone in my village has just recently bought one as i keep see it mincing around all over the place... rubbing it in my nose how boring and generic my car really is.

love this

ariel & eric i'd say