maybe i'm just being paranoid, as i normally am but i think we have a stalker in our midst...

this has happened to me before where for a split second the seed has been planted in my head, i discuss my allegations with someone who is seeing the same thing happen and before i know it, one thing has led to another and i begin to see that someone is trying to look like me/act like me/be me- so on and so forfe, but maybe im not being paranoid? how do you know, how do you split the original from the stolen, how can you pick which parts of a persons individuality are really truly individual at all; perhaps i'm wrong in saying this but maybe that person as to which i think is stealing my identity isn't maliciously or even knowingly taking it from me, maybe they see something they like in a person and subconsciously adapt it to their own style and personality, be it a blonde fur coat.... or ginger hair, when someone who has never been original or even slightly eccentric one day wakes up and changes everything about themselves. i'm not being cocky and i'm not being self centred (i do believe) but i am pointing out the obvious, that this is bizarre.
i really don't like it, some might take it as a complement but i just take it as an insult really, the audacity of that person, to think they could get away with something so blatant unnoticed just pisses me off.
if she does one more thing to lead my suspicions on something must be done.

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