so i'm back from Barcelona, and to be honest it wasn't all that bad. I guess all that procrastination was for nothing, i made a fair few new buddies and i learnt a lot about how to present myself around my art teachers from now on... to completely brown nose them and lick their arses. so lesson learnt there i guess!
Also it's Gee's 18th birthday today, 2 down, 1 to go. i'm jealous ! because although i have the option of having an id (be it fake) it isn't really the same and i am the left one out now ! sad times, however liz is still underage also if she is even still alive ?!?!
i'm very annoyed with the status of my sky plus, as i was away for a total of five days (one of which being away with the fairies whilst suffering from a migrain) i was expecting that when i returned to my couch and tv that i'd have all sorts of goodies lined up for me... sadly i was mistaken

no xfactor
no gossip girl
no america's next top model
no come dine with moi

all i wanted to do was get on the sofa with tom and molly and watch my favs for hours on end, sippin some wine and ordering a dominoes/chinese. none of which happened! however gee and bex did come over for the day and that was divine to say the least...
whenever i don't see them for a few days i get so lethargic... i begin to realise how unnatural it is for us to be this close and how much i love that we are, i think i can say they are like sisters rather than bessies

anyway, moving on- tonight i have no idea what the plan is but i think i shall be meeting Gee's new beau! I am very excited about this encounter

what's more! im heading down to south hampton tomorrow night with mario and holly for bens birthday which means i can also see james! yaaaaaaaaay

i'm back on top

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