i'm so sick of my art teacher, i do the work she sets me if not more than that and i miss a few lessons of school for personal reasons.. still get the work done and i manage to get a letter home still. i mean to go to the trouble of actually print screening my attendance records for the past 3 weeks and building up a conspiracy theory that i for some reason hate wednesdays when i have the same lessons every day of the week is ridiculous. sometimes i dont know why i even bother, i mean maybe i am being paranoid but i swear this woman has a personal vendetta against me, i don't wanna whinge and say oooooh everybody's out to get me but she definitely for some reason dislikes me, and its starting to really get to me. even my dads turning against me now because of this woman, i can honestly say that even if i had a 100 % attendance record and my work could not get any better she would still find a reason to hate me.
and if she insists on wearing that moronic spotty hat on the next art trip i swear to god i will have to say something this time

i am dreading it so much. can't wait to see her face when i tell her a can't come to london wednesday because i am visiting a university, no doubt she'll call my dad to check and mention the wednesday conspiracy theory once again. whoops.

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