the impending doom christmas.

okay yeh it is the best time of the year, but also THE most expensive, as much as i'd like to buy all my bessies dior shadow palets again i think i'm gonna have to sacrifice that for a box of chocolates this year, sorry guys.
and the other problem is the boyfriend, what do boys even like?! i can't afford anything from all saints, his fav shop and what i've bought already is good but not enough. As selfish as it sounds christmas for me is just about me, getting tonnes of new make up/clothes/gadgets AND the alcohol, and this year isn't gonna be any different, yeh yeh yeh i love time i spend with my family and friends but i want presents!!!!!

as you can see i am dyyyyying for a kitten, which i know will never happen but still it would be the ultimate best present ever on christmas day! charles and moll and gettin on now and although they're still psychos they just aren't as playful any more. And molly just gets more and more timid as time goes on, she literally lives under my bed these days and only ventures down stairs for an appropriate tinkle and some whiskers, usually sporting a terrified look on her little face as if she's just put her paws in whiskers jar and got caught, gawwwwwwd sometimes i wish i had a bloody dog.

all of them please

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