i've been working so much at the moment i feel like part of the furniture there, and i've just moved house too so the distance is quite a bit longer than before, but im coping okay. getting my results on thursday and i'm shitting bricks. i guess there's not much i can do about it now but it's stressing me out so so much, i just know that its going to be disappointing and i'm dreading being around people who actually have done really well when i have probably failed and will end up working in a fucking pub for the rest of my life- i could cry.
haaaaa but yeh apart from the impending doom of my results, life is pretty good- I'm sleeping a little bit better now which is a major plus as my insomniac has been pretty bad at the moment. I've also just booked a holiday for me, my dad and my sister to go to tenerife in a couple of weeks so i am very exciting about that. last minute dot come is da one! considering it's going to be our last family holiday of just us, i'm going to make it very worth while

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