out with the old and in with the new

I bought a pair of shoes the other day and this may sound sad but they've really cheered me up, a good pair of heels can make you look so nice and it was really what i needed, and they weren't expensive either which is a plus.

Apart from revision and the usual antics life is pretty mundane at the moment, i am enjoying being by myself and being able to do whatever i want for once, however this study leave has been the most pointless thing ever, i have tried to revise but collectively i have probably only done about 5 days all together in the period of a month- i'm shitting bricks now, my exams in a weeks time and i need to get a high A to get into my first choice, i know everything happens for a reason but right now i really need to pull my socks up which i'm finding impossible... went out last night and the night before that, i feel bad but i just get so bored being cooped up in a house alone all the time...i can not wait to go to uni, meet loads of fun new people and just have the time of my life!

AND in less then a months time i will be chillin by a pool in Ayia Napa sippin margherita's and lovin life

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