situation ethics and postmodernism is killing me softly.

just found this and absolutelyyy lav

3 days left until 'the big day' im hating revision and have resorted to watching re-runs of friends all daaaaaay looong. currently watching the episode where phoebe first meets mike! cant believe its no longer gonna be on E4 after this year :( might just have to buy the entire series boxset... hmmm thats something to think about.
went to see a car in fulham, it was a pure beaut however i did an AA check on it and turns out the nice yorkshire man who seems genuine and trustworthy was tryna sell me a dodgy ride, turns out the girl who had it beforehand had backed into a wall and completely wrecked the lefthand hand side of it. i am soooo tired of this car search, seems like every deal we find is a bad one ! i just want a nice black second hand car preferably a ford fiesta/peugot 206 to fulfil my girly needss

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