happy halloween x2

evil vamp

wednesday, adams fam

needless to say my actual halloween (last sunday) wasn't too exciting, it was the last sunday we'd spend in the house so instead of dressing up as a pyscho to scare trick or treaters i decided to cook a lovely dinner and just watch casper all night long, mixed with of course the x factorrrrrr

today at school i had english first thing, we're starting the Great Gatsby, a novel about life in the 1920 for a character called Nick? I'm pretty sure it's nick but could be andy (i tend to mix those two names up)... , i'm up to chapter 2 at the mo so that's pretty much all i've got out of it so far, i'm lovin it so far though, there has already been a scene involving a man breaking a woman's nose over something as trivial as a disagreement concerning an affair, who knows whats to come, but either way i am enjoying it.
I then had free free free free and then double art with crow crow
- my art teacher who is incredible and looks like cyndi Lauper from her jazzier days mixed with an actual crow:

anyhooo, i did a niceish watercolour paint in class and im quite pleased, cant decide whether to put it in the art show though? i will post piccys up here of all my work after just to document/show off ! ehehe

can't believe this will be the last evening in this house, :'( it's only really hitting me now and although change is healthy it still just doesn't feel right leaving it all behind, i spose it'll do me good? i'm pretty worried about the ghost situation in the new house though, as it is like 400 years old or something ridiculous like that. who knows if i'll get my first encounter with a real life ghost !(if they do really exist gee...)
blimey, so much is happening at once i just can't keep on top, anyway good bye for now

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