i find myself losing track of time, today has been one of those days, a write off. It frustrates me when i look back on a day and there are no accomplishments or moments of pride, i cleaned my room? I guess that doesn't count as a moment of pride though! I need something new and exciting to happen to me! Help me escape from this humdrum existence i've been living in for the past few weeks! Gawwwd i am getting so sick of school, today i was actually sick but most of the time i just can't even bring myself to go. The things i used to love about it i have grown to hate and the subjects i used to look forward to, i now dread. Art has become a lesson i'd rather miss, my lack of passion has caused me to go the complete opposite way and become a bit of a 'rebel'! I never used to ditch school as much as i do now, no where neaaar but i am sooooo sick of being treated like a baby (as cliche as that sounds) This easter has been a long and boring one, but if anything i'd prefer to be off right now!
going to give my cv into village hall tonight, liz is also coming round to get all her shit which im kinda looking forward to, feels like months since we actually hung out.
On a LIGHTER note! the royal wedding is tomorrow and i am so excited! still don't know if i'm going to go to london or just stay home with a thousand kids running around my toes, either way i will be doing it in style! pearls and all. I intend to look as quintessentially British as possible.

Lets cross our fingers that this royal marriage will last (Y)

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