so i'm back from holiday now and i'm extremely glad for it, but also acutely aware that in less than a week i will be moving out and going to university. (the thought of it terrifies me). On holiday not only the food was bad but i also managed to get very very burnt. It was nice to get away for a week with just the fam though. I also read 'One Day' by Richard Nicholls and i truly feel rejuvenated, like i now have a whole new outlook on life - that things shouldn't be rushed and i shouldn't stress about my future because after all life goes so quick as it is, so what is the point in procrastinating every other minute? From now on i solemnly vow to live every day to the fullest, and to follow my heart.
So all in all tenerife was good, i've come back darker, however probably about 6 pounds heavier.... not ideal.
I've also found a new found love for all of my friends, spending a week with my sister whom i love dearly but bicker with constantly has shown me that i am very very lucky to have the friends that i do, they listen to my whining and bitching non stop and are so much fun all the time, i know that i am not the most reliable/punctual/patient person in the world... but taking all my flaws into account i do feel honoured to have the friends i have - don't want to get sentimental and all that but moving away to university, albeit a great new experience, is going to be a very sad time!
To all my beautiful friends, i will never forget any one of you, you all mean the world to me.

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